Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Words of Light

"Keep yourself from continually converting your occupations into disturbances and anxieties of spirit. Even if you are being tossed around on the waves and blown about by the winds of many perplexities, look up constantly and say to our Lord: 'O God, it is for you that I row and for you I sail; you are my guide and my helmsman!' "

"Calm yourself. Don't pay any attention to these vain and useless fears. Fill the emptiness of your heart with an ardent love for Jesus. Humble yourself always beneath the powerful hand of God, always accepting the tribulations that he sends us with serenity of spirit and humility of heart, so that when he comes to visit us he will exalt us by giving us his grace. Cast all your cares onto him, because he cares for us more than a mother cares for her baby."

Excerpted from Words of Light: Inspiration from the Letters of Padre Pio

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Living a Dream!

I wouldn't do nothing else 'sides being a pastor, but sometimes it's like herding these critters.