Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Orleans: Beignets!

I have a new favorite food! Eating beignets during Lent was almost sinful, but I cannot begin to describe how wonderful a fresh, warm beignet tastes (with a cup of cofee) on a cold evening in New Orleans. My mouth is watering as I type.


acroamaticus said...

Well, Jon, my doctor would say eating a doughnut at any time is sinful! She's such a killjoy :0(

I'd never heard of these before, had to look it up on Wiki - yum! Funny though, according to Wiki they are the 'state doughnut' of Louisiana;, does that mean every other US state has its own doughnut too? I know doughnuts are popular in the US, but I didn't realise they were that popular! I assume German-style doughnuts are more popular in Mid-Western states?

Melanchthon said...

Not the best for a "heart healthy" diet, that's for sure!

I don't think each state has an official doughnut, but doughnuts are still very popular. German style doughnuts are popular back east and in the mid-west. In Pennsylvania, we had a Faschnacht party on Shrove Tuesday and ate the German pastries.