Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"I think nothing else helped so much to lessen the strain for all of us." I bet! :-)


M.A. Henderson said...

Mmm..."It's toasted"!
I noticed 'Lucky Strikes' are ubiquitous in 'The Pacific'. Speaking of which, I watched episode 4 last night on the tube here and it seemed like WWII filtered through the Vietnam experience. My impression so far is it doesn't hold a candle (or should that be a cigarette?) to 'Band of Brothers'.

Melanchthon said...

I have wanted to watch 'The Pacific,' but we do not have HBO, so I was waiting for the DVD release.

'Band of Brothers' would be hard to beat. (My dad gave us old army C ration boxes while we were in the scouts, and every meal had a small pack of cigarettes in them. I guess he trusted us enough not to smoke them! Lucky Strikes and Camels must have got the government contracts back then.)

Dad said...

It took a "real man" to smoke Luckies! No filtered or mild cigs for me. It was the wonderful taste that counted and I'd walk a mile for a Camel!

Grant said...

Those mini packs of cigarettes sure were a treat while camping out with good ole BSA Troop 258.

My Type 2 diabetes has put the kabash on smoking cigarettes, pipes, or cigars.

Besides, my wife won't kiss an ash tray.