Monday, May 31, 2010

Halpert to Hudson

Jim Halpert passes to Stanley Hudson for another Dunder-Mifflin TD in the Paper Bowl, Scranton, PA!


M.A. Henderson said...

I just don't get American Football, Jon. But what I find especially interesting is how the different types of football reflect the culture of the societies that play them. American Football seems very managed and planned, down to the last play, which reflects the pragmatic and 'can-do' American attitude, whereas Australian Rules Football (which I also don't get, btw, because it's an imported game in my state, where we prefer rugby) is almost anarchic, reflecting our 'she'll be right, mate' casual attitude. But both these types of 'footy' seem to exalt physical strength and size over skill. In that regard soccer is a much more democratic game, I think. But personally, for me there's nothing better than a fast, free-flowing game of rugby, which seems to balance strategy and tactics with skill and the just plain unexpected. Like life, really!

Melanchthon said...

You always enlighten me! I had no idea there was such an animal as Australian Rules Football! I assumed all Aussies played Rugby or Soccer as the football game of choice.

I think you are correct about national personalities and attitude. I perused (but did not buy) a book during a recent bookstore outing which tied American football, and its evolution, to the American character. As much as American boys play soccer in their young years (as both mine did), they seemingly all want to play football when they get older. The growth of soccer popularity in the U.S. (which still isn't strong) comes mostly through Hispanic immigration.

I loved playing soccer in college with my friends, but I still cannot bring myself to watch it for more than about ten minutes.

A friend and I went out for the Rugby club at university, but gave up after one practice. We were out of shape!

Melanchthon said...

BTW, here's the book:

I might have to purchase it after all!