Monday, December 14, 2009


O Mary,
In awe we come to you:
(Perhaps cajoling);
Sancta Maria. . .Ora pronobis,
Holy Mary. . .Pray for Us,
Mater Dei, Theotokos,
Mother of God, Bearer of God.

Yet when you sing
You seem not so distant,
Not so Lofty.
In your song we hear no hint
Of Latin piety,
Or Greek abstraction
Or mystical echoes.
In your song we hear the
Raw, Exuberant, Beautiful
Passion of a Hebrew woman,
Just weeks,
Maybe just days,
Beyond being a child.

O Daughter of David,
Your song is as grand
As your ancestor's best.
Of all the great Prophets only Isaiah,
Mighty seer,
Saw as clearly as you
The Light to come.

O Mary,
Sister of all in Christ,
Break out of the marble,
Come down from the canvas,
Teach us hope
In the midst
Of despair.

O Mary,
Our Lady of Inversion,
Teach us to sing
Of the proud cast down
And the lowly raised high.

O Mary,
Perpetual catechist,
Teach us to trust
The Promise
And the One who promises.

(From my good friend, Fr. Gregory Singleton)

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